Introduction to Widener Insurance

Introduction to Widener Insurance

Cindy Widener Winn, President of Widener Insurance, gives a brief overview of the agency.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance from Widener Insurance

Sterling Winn, Vice-President / Secretary of Widener Insurance, provides some basic information on life insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance options from Widener Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance from Widener Insurance

Make sure your motorcycle insurance fits your needs with this clip.

Builders Risk policy options from Widener Insurance

Builders Risk options from Widener Insurance

Sandra Delaney discusses Builders Risk coverage from Widener Insurance.

Flood Insurance options from Widener Insurance

Flood Insurance options from Widener Insurance

Lucy Adams discusses Flood Insurance coverage by Widener Insurance.

Disability Insurance from Widener Insurance

Disability Insurance Options and Value

Sterling Winn explains the value of disability insurance.

auto accident reporting video

Auto accident report requirements explained

Lucy and Andrea describe the steps to follow after an auto accident

water damage recovery video

Water damage recovery steps

Jonathan gives instructions on water damage recovery.

no exam life insurance

No examination life insurance defined

Cindy demonstrates how simple applying for life insurance can be.

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